True Blue: September's Birthstone's Popularity From Ancient Times to Modern Jewelry

True Blue: September's Birthstone's Popularity From Ancient Times to Modern Jewelry

Multi-colored sapphires have become the popular stone to create a rainbow or ombre effect in jewelry over the past few years Blue sapphires in pale to vivid royal hues are winning the hearts of a who new generation of women as well as those who have witnessed first-hand the ups and downs, ins and outs and shining and defining moments in sapphires, from say the last 20 years of the 20th century to current times In Roman times it was believed if someone were untruthful, the sapphire's color would change.

As Kate Middleton lifted her hand to show the ring to the cameras, a media blitz was created around the world; jewelry store phones began to ring off the hook and designers started designing the next wave of sapphire rings All of actor William Powell's leading ladies, both on and off-screen, wore star sapphires, and they were all true blue in their choice of jewelry The Duchess of Windsor played a part in the renewed popularity of sapphires in the 1950s when she was seen wearing a Cartier three-dimensional panther clip brooch, featuring a 15235-carat Kashmir cabochon sapphire, designed in 1949.

Today's sapphire jewelry runs the gamut from geometric and ultra-sleek, to antique and vintage-inspired, to more radical designs that have a rock and roll edge to glamorous pieces that hark back to Hollywoods' heyday and the legends who made sapphires famous. . More

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