The Problem With Buying Cheap Stuff Online

The package came in a small black box, covered in tape It had no return address Under layers of packaging, there was a box labeled Smart Watch, with no brand name.

Inside the box was the watch itself, which looked nothing like the inexpensive Apple Watch I’d hoped it would be Instead, the large digital face featured icons for Twitter, Facebook, a pedometer, and a photo-taking app called “Camina” rather than “camera.” It was about what you’d expect for a smart watch that cost less than $20.I ordered the watch from, one of a growing number of sites that allows consumers from around the world to buy deeply discounted goods from China, directly from sellers or manufacturers there After receiving promotional emails from Wish offering bikinis for $4 (marked down from $75!), camera drones for $29 (down from $1,399!), and, for some reason, a spoon that says “My Peanut-Butter. More