The art of selling art, by Germany's biggest dealer Cheyenne Westphal

Perfect timing, a sense of what you like and a top-notch network are the secrets that helped Cheyenne Westphal break records selling a work owned by John McEnroe. Cheyenne Westphal has been making waves in the art world for years, but it was earlier this year when she broke records. In March, Ms Westphal sold “Helter Skelter I,” by Mark Bradford, for the highest-ever auction price for a piece by a living African American artist His work suggests urban LA with all its grit and color; its title is a reference to Charles Manson’s vision of a race war between blacks and whites.

The 32-foot piece is lined with cracks Mr Bradford created by tearing up pictures. A native German, Ms Westphal bought the painting from tennis star John McEnroe for 72 million pounds and sold it to LA’s Broad Contemporary Art museum for a final sum of 87 million pounds, or $1175. More