Taking Time for Shine With Novelties From Watches and Jewelry Labels

Taking Time for Shine With Novelties From Watches and Jewelry Labels

WWD is covering the demonstrations and protests across the U.S in the days after George Floyd was killed in police custody As brands and retailers across the US.

started to reopen after the coronavirus lockdown, chaotic protesting has forced closures and led to a great deal of damage Nationwide protests in the U.S over the public police killing of George Floyd, who was detained for a nonviolent crime devolved over the weekend into vandalism and looting.

Almost no major brand or retailer in dozens of cities was left unscathed, just as retail was beginning to reopen after months of mandated shutdowns due to the coronavirus As of Sunday evening, the chaos was starting to begin again, with numerous stores in downtown Santa Monica and Long Beach seeing widespread looting, and protests gaining steam in New York, Minneapolis and Washington D.C., among other cities One of the worst hit areas on Saturday night was LA, a vast city of nearly four million people, which saw a third day of protesting over the death of Floyd, who was accused on Monday of using a fake $20 bill, arrested and died in police custody while being held to the ground by the knee of a police officer.

While actions during the day in L.A were largely peaceful, as night fell destruction of public property, almost exclusively retail establishments, began, along with widespread looting. . More

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