Tajikistan reduces customs duty on import of golden, silver jewelry

By Kamila Aliyeva Tajikistan reduced the customs duty on the import of jewelry from gold and silver. Henceforth, importers of jewelry instead of VAT and duties will pay a single special export and import duty. For example, the duty for one gram of gold products is 18 somoni, and for one gram of silver products – 3.6 somoni, Central Asian media outlets reported. Until recently, the volume of taxes and duties amounted to 42 percent of the total value of imported products from gold and silver. At the last session of the lower chamber of the Tajik parliament, held on May 25, the MPs unanimously supported these amendments to the Customs Code of the country. The measures taken are aimed at stopping the smuggling of jewelry into the country, as well as supporting local producers of gold and silver products. “The adopted amendments to the Customs Code allowed reducing the customs duty on the import of gold . More