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Spence Diamonds Is A Traditional Jeweler That Discovered A "Gold Mine" in Lab-Grown Diamonds

Spence Diamonds Is A Traditional Jeweler That Discovered A "Gold Mine" in Lab-Grown Diamonds

The 40-year old Spence Diamonds is a traditional jewelry chain that has stepped boldly into the future of the diamond jewelry business- lab-grown diamonds While still offering mined diamonds, Spence has found that when its customers are given a choice, 80% of them choose lab-growns over mined diamonds As in a traditional jeweler where educating customers on the 4Cs of buying a diamond-cut, color, clarity, and carat weight-is paramount, Spence educates them on another C, its composition as well.

What Spence offers gets even better since its customers can buy a lab-grown for less than a comparable-quality and sized mined diamond Spence Diamonds turns the tables on traditional diamond retailing Even before the introduction of lab-grown diamonds in 2016, Spence was expert at reassuring the customer making an anxiety-ridden, emotional, mysterious and expensive purchase.

To give its customers even more confidence, Spence offers a "Perfect Match Guarantee," to match the price of an equivalent GIA-graded mined diamond, as well as a lifetime trade-up allowance for a Spence-bought center stone at its stores. . More

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