Small, but perfectly formed

Small, but perfectly formed

In March 2015 the watchmaker achieved a tour de force by relaunching an updated Bubble after a ten-year hiatus The company has just announced the Mini Bubble collection! "We started out with several ideas that intersected," explains marketing director Frédéric Layani In its jewelled version the Mini Bubble is a chic and slightly cheeky accessory, a fun and uncomplicated piece of jewellery.

In the Bubble's previous incarnation, some models were produced in 26 mm, and they became sought-after collectors' pieces With the new format, the size has been reduced even further, bringing Corum into the ultra-traditional, rather conservative realm of the dainty miniature watch, inhabited by the Dior Mini D, the Faubourg by Hermès and the Petite Promesse by Baume & Mercier The Mini Bubble grants Corum entry to the XXS watch club while retaining its otherwise generous curves.

The Mini Bubble has no haute horlogerie pretensions, and, much like its target clients, will navigate essentially on social media. . More

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