Selling Jewelry to Silicon Valley

Selling Jewelry to Silicon Valley

The jewelry industry is writing its own “Fievel Goes West” gold rush tale. In 2018, according to Forbes, the state of California was the recorded home of 144 billionaires — a tally higher than any country besides the U.S and China A large majority of this wealth is attributed to the tech industry.

San Francisco — now rated as the world’s fourth-wealthiest city — has become the new hub from which jewelry and other luxury categories look to mine loyal, deep-pocketed customers. It won’t be easy The land of hoodies and hackathons is notoriously unfazed by fashion. “It’s a very interesting crowd; I wouldn’t call them fashion-forward in the way they dress, but nonetheless there is a lot of wealth floating around,” said jewelry designer Stephen Webster, who is making a push in the region “It’s such a giant hub for everything that disrupts life as we know it.

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