Royal jewellery: The scandalous stories behind the jewels

Royal jewellery: The scandalous stories behind the jewels

We often associate jewellery with special occasions, and these adornments then turn into sentimental pieces, reminding us of the most significant events in our lives For so much of history, it was only the royals who could have afforded high jewellery, so many of the infamous stories in this article are borne of when outsiders marry into royal lineage Another famous royal jewellery scandal comes from the story behind the inception of the marquise stone cut - which is said to come from the shape of King Louis XV of France mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour's lips.

The story surrounding Wallis Simpson's incredible jewellery collection given to her by the former King Edward VIII - who abdicated the throne to get married to the divorcée - is as intriguing as the jewels themselves The Princess chose to accessorise this dress with one of her favourite pieces of royal jewellery - a seven strand pearl choker with a huge sapphire and diamond centrepiece - a brooch which was then converted into part of the necklace gifted by the Queen Mother for Diana and Prince Charles' wedding A classic jewellery scandal that involves Marie Antoinette, deception and one of the most incredible jewels ever created is 'The Affair of the Diamond Necklace', where the controversial Queen was accused of stealing from her own court jeweller.

These stories of royal jewellery scandal had the power to make or break royal careers, and created defining moments in the public eye - and indeed in their lives - signalling the importance of jewellery as a status symbol, and its significance throughout history. . More

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