Rihanna-Approved DJ Sita Abellan Launches Her Own Jewelry Line

Sita Abellan has been flexing her design muscles recently Now Abellan, 25, has created something that she can call her own: She'll drop the first collection from her new jewelry label, Lilith, at the top of next year As the story goes, she was the first woman created before Eve and is often characterized as a demonic creature of the night, something that gives the collection an alluring edge, according to Abellan.

Other statement-making standouts in the collection? The fist-size triangular hoops that feature a gilded snake creeping out of the frame Don't expect a typical lookbook from Abellan, either As for Abellan's personal favorites, the chain belts that often make a cameo on the DJ's Instagram already rank pretty high.

She's created a reptilian version that's dotted with snake ornaments inspired by her love for OTT '80s fashion, an attention-grabbing accessory that's likely to come slithering through your feed any day now. . More