Occasions Fine Jewellery

Occasions Fine Jewellery

Founded by Devashish Kamdar, Occasions Fine Jewellery, from the house of Su-Dev Jewels, is renowned for their iconic jewellery that revives ancient Indian craftsmanship and techniques Every piece is handcrafted by their skilled artisans in Kolkata, ensuring that the jewellery is timeless, versatile and high on quality. Tell us about the collection being showcased at Vogue Wedding Show 2018. Most of our inspiration comes from India’s rich history and royal lineage Our five signature collections—‘Rajasthani Ranisa’, ‘Nizami Mallika’, ‘The Maharani’, ‘The Deccan Queen’ and ‘Naqashi Rani’—are influenced by five very different parts of India, each boasting its unique architectural and cultural heritage What are the biggest bridal trends for the season? This wedding season will see brides seeking jewellery that focuses on fine craftsmanship in timeless designs rather than ostentatious pieces.

Brides today are more inclined towards jewellery that represents India’s vivid traditions while maintaining a distinctively personal touch. How can a bride balance modernity . More

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