Noor Fares' Jewelry Captures the Cosmos

Noor Fares' Jewelry Captures the Cosmos

"I've always felt that stones and crystals looked magical, like they had special powers," says London-based Noor Fares The Paris-born Lebanese jewelry designer, who is known for her colorful and often symbolic creations, expresses that affinity in her recent Superlunary collection The result is lunar-like forms accented with sparkling stones.

"It was a challenge to work with organic forms, rather than strict lines and geometry, and to create organic fluidity in a stone," says Fares, who chose to experiment with synthetic stones as a means of artistic expression "Today, I feel like more and more women are drawn to jewelry that represents something "Being more mindful also means that people are more drawn to jewelry that's symbolic and talismanic-[they are] looking for jewelry that becomes an extension of their identity, pieces that you have on all the time, not just for special occasions," says Fares.

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