Medical Alert Jewelry for Women That You'll Actually Want to Wear

Medical jewelry is a quick and practical way to convey all kinds of essential information, from conditions like allergies and diabetes to contact information There's a Medical ID app for smart phones and the Apple Watch, but as a person who's lived with allergies all my life, I like having a very clear sign for medical professionals/EMTs to find quickly in an emergency Plus, technology can glitch or run out of batteries, so I always wear my medical bracelet just in case.

Anyone who's ever tried to buy medical jewelry can relate to the following struggle: 1) I look for a classic, not-too-trendy piece to match my style Sadly, high-end designers haven't gotten on the medical jewelry train just yet-what I wouldn't give for a Tiffany or Sarah Chloe bracelet-but I've heard that custom pieces are possible in some cases It's so cute that it's actually become a seamless part of my style-I've bought similar chunky cuffs to pair with it so that it looks more deliberate.

A lot of people wear Fitbits, and this looks similar to one, so it's a good, surreptitious option. . More