Luxury Jewellers are Moving towards Ethical Jewellery. Here's How.

Luxury Jewellers are Moving towards Ethical Jewellery. Here's How.

Here's how leading luxury brands are taking the first step to resolving it The jewellery industry has been facing issues regarding supply-chain, ethical mining and production for years, but things are taking a hopeful turn as leading luxury brands have turned to increased transparency The De Beers Group is historically the most important player in the international diamond game, supplying most fine- and high-jewellery labels that we're familiar with, as well as its own De Beers jewellery line.

Today, the De Beers Group is ensuring all its diamonds are sourced in line with the social, ethical and environmental expectations of the newly conscious fine-jewellery consumer - meaning that it can confidently state that all diamonds in all De Beers jewellery are ethically produced and 100-percent conflict-free Tiffany's Save the Wildlife Collection of jewellery donates 100 percent of profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network and has raised more than US$5 million since its inception Sourcing diamonds from Botswana, Namibia, Russia and Canada, the brand ensures provenance for every newly sourced, individually registered diamond it uses through its Diamond Source Initiative.

The huge company is a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured stones to jewellery manufactures big and small all over the world. . More

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