July is the best time to buy jewelry—here's what to know before you shop

July is the best time to buy jewelry—here's what to know before you shop

24K gold means it's 100 percent pure, while 18K means it's 75 percent pure and 14K is about 58 percent pure Lower-karat gold tends to more durable, so 14K gold is a popular choice Popular metals like white gold and rose gold are made by combining gold with other alloys.

White gold typically contains nickel or a mix of palladium, zinc and copper Despite the combo, white gold isn't usually white, so many times it's plated with rhodium, a platinum group metal, according to Jewelers of America Not finding something that speaks to you? Don't be afraid to go with a custom piece or a more creative look by utilizing a colored diamond or different metals like rose gold.

While perfectly round pearls are the most the most prized, and therefore the most expensive, baroque pearls, or those with a natural shape, are also popular right now. . Source

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