Jewelry Designer Nigora Tabayer on her Most Coveted Creations

Jewelry Designer Nigora Tabayer on her Most Coveted Creations

Jewelry designer Nigora Tabayer never expected to end up in the bling industry Both my mother and grandmother had beautiful jewelry collections from which they would let me borrow-once in a while! In terms of designs, I know I've always appreciated jewelry, but I began to pursue it seriously about two years ago, when I made my first sketches That sense of appreciation must have stuck with me, because originally I was not planning on being a jewelry designer.

You studied business management prior to going into jewelry design What's your earliest childhood memory of jewelry? Perhaps there's a bauble you recall loving and feeling a connection with?As it happens, my earliest childhood memory with jewelry has to do with the eye amulet How did your mother's jewelry collection serve as a key influence for your first Tabayer designs?In many ways, I think; my mother's jewelry collection will always be influential because it's what I grew up knowing and being able to touch and to hold up close.

How would you describe your brand's aesthetic, and how did you want to distinguish your designs from what was already on the fine jewelry market?I think the aesthetic is a combination of elegance and statement-making impact, but also somewhat more casual than other fine jewelry labels. . More

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