J'Aime Gem Dior: Victoire de Castellane Celebrates 20 Years of Dior Jewelry in Venice

J'Aime Gem Dior: Victoire de Castellane Celebrates 20 Years of Dior Jewelry in Venice

At the same time, de Castellane has established signatures of her own, like asymmetry, hidden symbols, and tiny apparatuses within a piece of jewelry, like a concealed watch or a movable drawer that slides beneath a ring Later in the evening, after guests sat down for dinner in various dining rooms, each model changed into a black dress and walked through the rooms, mimicking Monsieur Dior's intimate couture shows in the '50s and '60s To see the jewelry move and catch the light was very different from viewing it behind glass or in a vitrine, particularly because de Castellane designs her pieces to actually be worn and loved-not locked away.

"Showing the jewelry with the dresses, suddenly modernity," she said For collectors of de Castellane's jewelry, that shift toward something a bit more natural was an exciting surprise Looking toward 2020 and the next decade, de Castellane believes women's relationship with jewelry will only grow.

"Women are buying jewelry for themselves more and more," she said "Many of our clients are women, and, for me, it's a victory When women buy jewelry for themselves, I think they're also buying protection.

The jewelry gives them power Before, men bought it for them as a gift, and they had the power Now, you don't need to wait for a man to buy you jewelry". More

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