Inside a '70s-Inspired Closet Filled with Bohemian Gowns and Statement Jewelry

While we’re all for a minimalist, understated approach to fashion, we have to admit that a glamorous celebration of style and color is oh-so-satisfying A dash of sparkle never hurts either! So when we found ourselves down in Nashville a few weeks ago, ready to explore some sensationally southern wardrobes, multiple industry friends told us that there was one person we absolutely *had to* meet: Libby Callaway Some have labeled her as the unofficial first lady of the Nashville fashion scene, and, suitably, she has a near encyclopedic knowledge of local designers.

She’s also quick to recommend a few shops for us to check out post-shoot And after stepping into her incredible home, we can understand where her passion comes from—the former editor and stylist eats, sleeps, and breathes style, in every form. It’s remarkably difficult to focus on a fixed point after Callaway welcomes us into her living room Books,. More