How a Jewelry Designer Chooses What Rings and Earrings to Wear to the Oscars

How a Jewelry Designer Chooses What Rings and Earrings to Wear to the Oscars

When it comes to jewelry, curating an everyday "Wardrobe" is something that usually ends up happening naturally Perhaps it's the ring you feel naked without, the everyday huggie hoops you even sleep in, or the classic watch that's always on your wrist When it comes to accessorizing for a more formal event, even the most style savvy of us can be thrown for a loop.

Invites to black-tie events aren't exactly filling our calendar So when we got the chance to speak to fine jewelry designer Sarah Hendler, who just attended The Oscars, we took the opportunity to learn more about her jewelry strategy and tips for crafting your own formal look.

It turns out mixing in vintage is a choice move, but do read on for more of Hendler's notes on accessorizing for the Oscars. . More

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