Everything You Need to Know About How to Clean Your Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About How to Clean Your Jewelry

If you're like me and your jewelry collection has really grown over the years, you might want to take the time to give it a good cleaning-I mean, who knows who long it's been sitting there? There are some pieces that might be tarnished beyond recognition, but once you give 'em a scrub they'll look exactly like they did when you first bought them What is the best homemade jewelry cleaner? Gold and silver jewelry, including plated and white- and rose-gold metals, can be cleaned with warm water and several drops of dish detergent, according to Kimaï founders Jessica Warch and Sidney Neuhaus While platinum jewelry doesn't tarnish, that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean it at all, but you can get away with doing so less often.

Another cool homemade way to clean dull silver jewelry is to lay it on aluminum foil in a bowl, add boiling water and baking soda, and let it sit for about 30 minutes Another easy solution? "A soft cloth is an easy fix to keep pieces in pristine shape, like the one you would use on a pair of eyeglasses," says Jennifer J Matchett, Founder, Designer and Creative Director of MACHETE "A quick wipe down should be done after daily use, especially if the jewelry is close to an area with a lot of moisturizer or makeup" What if your jewelry has diamonds or stones in it? With diamond jewelry, you can clean it the same way stated above, but keep in mind that precious and semi-precious stones can crack if the water is too hot.

Tarnishing will inevitably occur in most jewelry because it's a reaction of the metal to moisture, air, or specific chemicals, but storing it correctly can help delay this process so you won't have to clean it as often. . More

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