Designers Hope 'Drops' Make You Shop

Designers Hope 'Drops' Make You Shop

Designers typically promote a "Drop" with lots of marketing hype on social media and limit the offerings so that items sell out Designers generally aren't planning to increase the overall amount of merchandise they make each year, but are releasing it in smaller quantities more frequently Alexander Wang will put out part of a new collection in October, and parcel out additional drops in November, December, February and March.

In the mid-aughts, as mainstream interest in women's fashion exploded, designers began adding one or two more drops of merchandise Robert Burke, chief executive of luxury goods consultancy Robert Burke Associates, views drops as an improvement on the "See now, buy now" concept Entireworld plans a fluid, idiosyncratic delivery schedule that includes five drops during its first year that operate on a "Cycle meant to trigger desire at different points of the year," Mr.

Sternberg says Mr Sternberg said dates of deliveries will vary and that the company will mix it up with "a core drop every three to four months, and then little drops every other week or so.

It's less about the mood of the season and more about this idea of emotion and desire and how to stir that up in people." . Source

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