Contemporary high jewellery artist Anna Hu masterpiece goes to block today at Christie's New ...

Contemporary high jewellery artist Anna Hu masterpiece goes to block today at Christie's New ...

Influenced by the powerful aesthetic possibilities of the building's Nouveau Arts style, Anna introduced these ideas into her artistic conception of the equally elegant and sophisticated jadeite necklace The curvaceous ribbon-like body of the necklace, shaped like a scarf, is made of 18K white gold and titanium in graduated shades of green, yellow and white to complement the jadeite centrepiece The pièce de résistance of the necklace is the magnificent 12680-carat jadeite plaque carved with animal figures believed to be from 1970s or 1980s, courtesy of Christie's.

Measuring 1.4 by 1.6 inches, the imperial jadeite is set as centre stone of the pendant shaped like a propitious shield from the ancient Chinese Royal Army that protects its wearer symbolically Sophisticated details of the necklace include the hollow-carved mounting of the jadeite centrepiece The imperial jadeite pendant can be worn as a brooch.

Hu's jewellery has a track record at auctions, with the jadeite "Orpheus" ring setting a world record at that time for a Chinese contemporary jewellery artist by selling for HK $20,030,000 at Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong in May 2013.. . More

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