Cartier Unveils All-New High-Jewelry Coloratura Collection With Unique Pieces Inspired by Color

Last week at Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris, French Jeweler Cartier officially unveiled its Coloratura high-jewelry collection that – as its name suggests – celebrates vibrant color and artistic cultures Designed as a sensory exploration of color, Coloratura blends past and present for unique pieces of jewelry that utilize rich shades prevalent in India, animal hues that embrace life in Africa, subtle tones reminiscent of the spirit of Japan, and more. Each piece in the collection is a one-of-a-kind work of art, although several pieces can be reproduced The series includes individual necklaces, as well as complete suites of jewelry inspired by a specific culture or color.

One necklace, inspired by the lanterns used in Asian ceremonies, features a bottle pendant made from a rubellite rough stone that has been hand-carved using the ancient art of glyptic so that it can be filled with perfume In fact, for nearly a . More