Brooklyn's Catbird Now Offers Permanent Jewelry

Brooklyn's Catbird Now Offers Permanent Jewelry

Catbird-the Brooklyn, N.Y., jewelry store that helped propel mega trends including stackable rings, multiple stud earrings, and layered gold necklaces-is spearheading another look that feels bound to catch on: permanent jewelry The retailer is offering a barely there 14k gold chain bracelet, for $94, that it solders directly onto the wrist The chains are custom-sized and available only at Catbird's Welding Annex location on Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.

"Our approach to jewelry has always been that it should feel unfussy-it can be worn at any moment in life and you shouldn't feel too guarded or conscious of it, but it should bring you a lot of joy always," says Catbird's PR and marketing manager Sriya Karumanchi When you think of permanent jewelry, you're bound to go directly to its gold standard-Cartier's Love bracelet, which wearers have to take off with a screwdriver Catbird's permanent chain feels, stylistically, like the alter ego of that iconic style.

Where the Love bracelet offers bold, rigid glamour, the chain bracelet is delicate, malleable, and supremely subtle. . Source

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