Antiques Roadshow expert astounded by priceless ring box: 'Never seen anything like it!'

Antiques Roadshow expert astounded by priceless ring box: 'Never seen anything like it!'

Antiques Roadshow jewellery expert John first clapped his eyes on the ring box in the Buckfast Abbey episode of the BBC show, with the guest not really understanding what the object was "I have been doing the Antiques Roadshow now for 26 seasons and it's a privilege," the expert began as crowds flocked to hear his expertise of the item The person he was speaking to was the friend of the ring box owner who was going to have to relay the item's true value back to its possessor.

The expert asked the guest if she had wondered what the crown-like symbol painted on the box actually was The expert then opened up the object and from the side of the demonstration table he pulled out a ring, only to place it within the box The guest finally learnt its purpose and the jewellery specialist added: "I have never seen a ring box of such a quality of this one and rarity and singularity of materials that are set in it" Revealing its value, the Antiques Roadshow star told the guest it would auction at probably £4,000-£5,000. More

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