All you need to know about lab-grown diamond jewellery

All you need to know about lab-grown diamond jewellery

We got Pooja Sheth, founder and managing director of Limelight Handcrafted Diamonds, one of India's leading luxury brands offering lab-grown diamond jewellery, to spill every detail you'd want to know about engineered diamonds How do lab-grown diamonds differ from real ones?The chemical, thermal, optical and physical properties of lab-grown CVD diamonds are identical to natural diamonds These diamonds are classified as the purest type of diamonds devoid of any impurities, which in technical terms are demarcated under Type IIa.

The shine, brightness and lustre of Type IIa diamonds is significantly better than any other type of diamond Lab grown CVD diamond jewellery can be at least 50 per cent cheaper than its mined counterparts, depending on the size and quality of the diamonds What are the various jewellery pieces a bride can commission using lab-grown diamonds?Limelight's direct access to one of the world's largest CVD diamond producer and cultivator, the Bhatwari Group, allows us to deliver a wide range of the finest Type IIa diamonds and impeccable jewellery at scale.

From solitaire engagement rings to full-blown bridal suites, the choices to craft jewellery with lab-grown diamonds is exact the same as real diamonds. . More

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