9 Opal Engagement Rings That Will Make You Forget All About Diamonds

These days, more and more modern brides are foregoing traditional diamonds and opting for opal engagement rings It's easy to see the appeal: Each opal is unique, changing colors right before your eyes depending on the light Even Shakespeare was hypnotized by the beauty of the stone's changing colors, calling opals the "Queen of gems" in Twelfth Night.

Some of the most popular opal stones appear to be a cloudy white hue with blue, green, red, yellow, orange, or purple flecks A black opal's background appears to be black, while the Mexican Fire opal's base is typically bright red The price point is even more impressive than the variety of shades; opals aren't nearly as expensive as diamonds.

Ahead, I've rounded up nine opal engagement rings sure to please any modern bride. . More