In a world where globally branded, mass produced 18-karat gold jewelry is touted as "Luxury," the handmade 22-karat gold creations of goldsmiths like Deborah Meyers appeal to those in search of jewels imbued with the exclusive luster of high karat gold "While 24-karat gold may be the finest and purest form of gold, it's far too soft to be used to make jewels designed for everyday wear." 22-karat gold she suggests, "Is nearly as radiant as pure gold, but much harder due to the metals that it is alloyed with." Like sunshine made solid, "My 22-karat gold alloy beams bright; it is the perfect material for ultra-fine jewelry such as mine." For the uninitiated, 24-karat gold is comprised of just under 100 percent gold The 22-karat gold that Meyers uses consists of 916 percent gold and has a fineness of 916; the remainder is comprised of other metals.

British sovereigns, South African krugerrands and American Gold eagles are all made of 22-karat gold On the subject of gold fineness, Meyers explains, "The fineness of gold jewelry refers to the weight of fine or pure metal in the piece, in proportion to the total weight This includes alloying base metals plus any impurities" Goldsmiths like Meyers add alloying metals to increase the hardness and density of the gold, to influence the color of the gold, and to decrease the cost per weight per piece.

"Inspired by the 22-karat gold jewels of Etruscans, ancient Romans and other vanished civilizations, Meyers and her creations are further distinguished by the ethically sourced Canadian diamonds, sustainably mined Brazilian tourmalines and other gemstones she uses to great artistic effect."I source my gemstones from such New York dealers as Robert Bentley, who purchases from only those mines that he has visited to ensure that they are safe, ethically operated ventures," she explains She worked as a hospital chaplain in various hospitals before she caught the gold bug and began studying with master goldsmith Celia Bauer in New York City. . More

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