2018 Trend report: Big tick for men's watches

2018 Trend report: Big tick for men's watches

"Many of the ranges have changed over to solar technology, where previously we had mechanical movements and mechanical moved into quartz movements and then quartz moved into quartz-solar Nowadays, watches have a lot more functionality." "In a fashion-driven world, people are always conscious of being on point - men included."Faraday also believes the fast-fashion landscape means men are now more inclined to own more than one watch in order to keep up with rolling trends "In our regional area, we sell a lot of everyday work watches.

These are mostly minimalistic designed watches on leather bands of 38 to 40mm," Wohlers says "Generally speaking, the change in demand for men's watches has shifted from basic to more complicated styles, like chronographs, tourbillions, multi-functions and automatic watches, and accordingly a larger-size watch case," he says Abbott says retailers looking to capitalise on men's watch sales should focus on what trends are making waves locally and abroad.

"In order to forecast trends, retailers only need look to places like the United Kingdom to see what is popular in the season ahead," he says, adding that suppliers do much of the trend analysis already Marti agrees with these sentiments, adding, "Influence at the traditional watch level is dominated by traditional print, sporting events like Rolex at the tennis, social marketing influencers and ambassadors Traditional watches are aspirational so loyalty is very high" "Men do still want to buy a mechanical watch, especially divers; they're certainly well sought.

People appreciate the mechanical movement but there are many more options available for professional divers, and this covers sports watches overall," he says. . More

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