Watches & Cars: The Connection Between Watch and Car Enthusiasts

Watches & Cars: The Connection Between Watch and Car Enthusiasts

Go to any car show, be it large or small, Pebble Beach or Cars and Coffee, and you're guaranteed to see two things; great cars and great watches Typically, car enthusiasts are watch enthusiasts as well So we thought we'd take a look at the mechanics of both watches and cars to see why enthusiasts of one are usually enthusiasts of both.

To make a mechanical watch movement work, one must first turn the crown of the watch In a way, cars are far more complex machines than watches, as they obviously have far more functions than even the most complex of watches Sure, there are electric cars as well but, just like with most watch enthusiasts, the mechanical version is more interesting.

While the Omega Speedmaster isn't known for its motorsport heritage, instead being famous for being the first and only watch to ever be worn on the moon, the Speedmaster is actually an excellent watch for motorsport, due to an accurate chronograph movement. . Source

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