Attention Collectors: This 'End Game'-Class Patek Philippe Could Reach Nearly $4 Million at Auction

Attention Collectors: This 'End Game'-Class Patek Philippe Could Reach Nearly $4 Million at Auction

Phillips has unearthed the crème de la crème of Patek Philippe timepieces for its upcoming Geneva watch auction 2523, is expected to reach just shy of $4 million when it goes under the gavel in May The world timer watch sports an immaculate cloisonné enamel dial with a depiction of the Eurasian landmass.

The storied Swiss watchmaker is believed to have produced just 11 timepieces with this topography-themed face: five depict North America, three display South America and another three feature Europe and Asia One of its counterparts resides in the Patek Philippe museum and the other is in a private collection It sports two crowns-one for winding the watch and the other to control the city ring, the complication that enables the wearer to find the current time in the 40 cities listed around the watch's circumference.

It will lead The Geneva Watch Auction: XIII held by Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo come May 8 and estimated to reach in excess of $3.7 million "Arguably, it is difficult to find a more abused term in the world of watch collecting, but this is the one instance where the word can be used with its original undiluted meaning: the present watch is-simply put-one of the most sought-after, unobtainable, attractive and fabled timepieces in the world." . Source

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