5 takeaways from 5 Leading Ladies in the World of Luxury Watches

5 takeaways from 5 Leading Ladies in the World of Luxury Watches

From Leica ambassadors to creatives working at the forefront of pop culture, we ask five female watch collectors to sound off on the world of watches in 2021 - and what needs to be fine-tuned Once consigned to buying from the 'shrink it and pink it' catalogue of design, female watch collectors are now shirking convention in favour of the same sporty steel stuff favoured by men that's come to dominate the landscape of haute horlogerie Personally, I think a bigger effort should be made to invite female watch collectors to community events.

Q: In your view, what are some of the trends watch brands should retire in order to attract a bigger, more diverse female audience? Female watch collectors tend to be intuitive, so positioning watches in a narrative and stylised context would definitely lower the barrier to entry What really is the male response to female collectors? How would they design for female watch collectors today? Do they feel the need to design for women separately at all? I think the more that male industry leaders partake in this conversation, the more the industry is likely to change as a whole A: A big shout out to Watch Femme, a community founded by two watch world veterans actually - Laetitia Hirschy and Suzanne Wong. Source

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