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Watch News is a compilation of the latest news in the world of wrist watches from around the globe.

Huawei Watch GT specs and more images mistakenly outed by official website

Huawei inadvertently published some information about its upcoming Watch GT on its website, mere days before the official launch happening on October 16. The page has since been taken...More

How Jamal Khashoggi's Apple Watch Could Solve His Disappearance

Depending on which model of Apple Watch Khashoggi had strapped to his wrist and his proximity to his phones, his wearable could have transmitted data about his location, his...More

Introducing The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic

While this certainly isn't your mother's Twenty-4, the new Twenty-24 automatic has a lot to offer. First of all, the departure from a quartz movement is long overdue in...More

'First Man' Movie Review: One Small Step For Ryan Gosling, One Giant Leap For Omega

You've no doubt heard of the film 'First Man,' after all, the film stars Ryan Gosling, one of Hollywood's leading men. The film and the actual missions portrayed within...More

Patek Debuts Women's Twenty-4 Automatic

The Twenty-4 Automatic features 18-karat rose gold with rows of pavé diamonds. Patek Philippe chose the fashion capital of Milan, Italy, to unveil its new Twenty-4 Automatic, a round...More

The Enicar Sherpa Guide Represents the Peak of a Forgotten Watchmaker

These are the icons, and as most watch enthusiasts know the watch world was much bigger than what just Rolex and Omega were doing. More important to watch lore...More

Watches For When Money Is No Object

Price is something we rarely discuss at Haute Time and for a good reason: the watches we feature have transcended from being merely a functional device to become an...More

Watchmaker teams up with Cardiff University for 3D printed timepiece

A south Yorkshire watchmaker has teamed up Cardiff University to harness the power of 3D printing to create a new timepiece. PARC – an academic 

Chopard Honors Mille Miglia with Vintage Timepiece

One of the most well-known auto races in history, the original Mille Miglia was a 1,000-mile endurance race that was held on the open roads of Italy from 1927...More

Rubber B SwimSkin Straps For Panerai 42mm Watches

For the past five years, Rubber B has been working on an incredible and revolutionary new material within their esteemed Swiss factory. Befittingly titled “SwimSkin®“, this new series of...More