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Watch News is a compilation of the latest news in the world of wrist watches from around the globe.

The GQ Guide to Zenith watches

Because, in its own way, Zenith tells the story of mechanical watchmaking in Switzerland - a struggle against forces geopolitical as much as technological, forces that have put many...More

Jaquet Droz: the brand values and expertise. Invitation to JD exhibition within.

DEPLOYANT - the watch magazine for collectors, by collectors

Jaquet Droz: we explore the brand. The values it represents, and the expertise it offers to modern horology. We begin...More

Codek Spiral Watch Review

In the landscape of independent watch brands, I believe it is important for those brands to find a way to stand out among the crowd. Anchored in traditional French...More

WatchBox marks third company location as it unveils Swiss headquarters

WatchBox has announced the opening of its Swiss HQ, marking the company's third physical location. Following the success of its US and Hong Kong divisions, the global e-commerce platform...More

New Apple Watch: The Worst Heart Device Ever?

Given this history of caution, the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 4 a week ago raised many an eyebrow. In case you did not know, the Apple...More

5 Bold, Colourful Watches To Brighten Up Your Wrist

Rolex's Daytona is not only one of the most iconic watches, it's also among the most collectable. The mystique of the classic chronograph continues in 

Louis Vuitton, Rolex & Chanel Top List of Most-Seized Counterfeits in Korea

The most heavily counterfeited brand in South Korea? Louis Vuitton. According to a report from the Korea Customs Service, which looked at the state 

Haute Complication: Patek Philippe 5270P

In watchmaking, this isn't any different as one of the very few watches that could hold its ground against the announcement at this years Baselworld of the Nautilus Perpetual...More

“A dive watch isn't a necessity but it is an added bonus”

In part one of the series, we talk to Rolex Scholar Mae K L Dorricott about whether she's simply a Rolex enthusiast, or if her watch is an important piece ......More

Patek Philippe's Calatrava Has Embodied Understated Elegance For 86 Years

In fact, Patek Philippe calls it the “very essence of the round wristwatch.” The Ref. 5000. The Ref. 6000. In 1991,the limited edition self-winding Ref.