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Ritani - Evil Eye Diamond Pendant

In 14kt White Gold 022 CTW with 40mm stone

Lab-Grown Diamonds: They're Real, and They're Spectacular

It's rare that an imitation, Frankensteined into existence, is anything more than a lab-grown diamonds are a matter of contention in the gem world.

High Jewellery Picks 2018: Chaumet

For 2018, luxury jewellery brand Chaumet continues its peripatetic heritage with Les Mondes de Chaumet, a high jewellery collection representing three destinations in three stages. The first stop was...More

BAUBLEBAR Juliette Bow Drop Earrings

Shop Juliette Bow Drop Earrings online at

Thanks To Lady Gaga, We're Eyeing These Pink Engagement Rings

It's official: We can't get enough of Lady Gaga (not news, but worth a reminder). Not only is she busy advocating for women and promoting one of the 

Voice on the Highstreet: Petra Jewellery

It's a pleasure to share the journey with our customers, from concept, through to design and manufacture. You celebrated 35 years of Petra Jewellery this year, is this a...More

Design Walkthrough – Anaïs Paris

The brand, Anaïs Paris, is inspired by the 'floating locket' concept which according to Adryan Cresswell, head of commerce at HD Group, has been gaining traction globally. Cresswell points...More

Driftwood and Ferns Take the Spotlight as Jewelry

Designer Mish Tworkowski's talents for pairing unexpected materials with gorgeous gems is on full display with these new earrings. One duo mixes smoky quartz with vibrantly dappled peanut wood...More

11 Jewellery Pieces That'll Turn Heads

Not many jewellers can claim that they cut their own stones, but Hong Helmed by local jeweller Jessie Foo, Yuli Inc – Fine Jewellery focuses on 

Britt's Pick: Black Opal Butterfly Ring by Lee Jewellery

You can find Lee Jewellery on Facebook and as an exhibitor at a variety of jewelry shows here and abroad (including JCK Las Vegas). If you're in the ......More