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Top ten Independent Jewelry Stores in Dallas

Top ten Independent Jewelry Stores in Dallas

This city in Texas is a home of 1341075 people, which makes this city as the ninth most populous city of the US. Dallas apart from its population is also a hub for the jewelry collectors. If you are fond of antique or vintage jewelry then this city is a must visit for you. You will not be disappointed by the service and the kind of artwork these shops prove with professionals and experts all around.

1. Forty Five Ten Go to the the online store

1. Forty Five Ten

This store offers premium service to their customers, apart from luxury jewelry, their craftsmen are well experienced and trained in all kinds of jewels. They have a strong goodwill in the city, making it the most visited store in the town. This store is itself a brand for all kind of people emerging their need for jewelry and beauty stuff. They have one of the best and antique designers that could satisfy you completely with their experiments and artwork. They have a really great knowledge of creativity.

2. Ylang 23 Go to the the online store

2. Ylang 23

They provide the most cutting edge and fascinating jewelry as they have the finest designers. They feature designers from all over the globe to give cherry on their cake. They are located in the University Park Neighborhood at The Plaza. This store is being recognized as one of the finest places to buy jewelry by the Wall Street Journal too. They serve their customers internationally too.

3. De Boulle Go to the the online store

3. De Boulle

The owners Denis and Karen established this in1983. Their family has been known to be the best craftsman during the 1700s. Their future generation managed to take their goodwill to a much higher level and they did too.T hey have been known for the finest cutting-edge jewelry in the town for more than 30 years. The gold collectors are really fond of this place as they serve the best of the deal with their best design and art.

4. Shira Diamonds Dallas Go to the the online store

4. Shira Diamonds Dallas

They are considered to be the top of the Dallas city as they only work with the best of the diamond mines DeBeers and Alrosa. They are a dealer in the wholesale of diamond products, whether they are new or vintage, they will surely serve you the best of their design. Their staff is highly experienced and have much fewer rates as compared to the other stores.

5. House Of Brilliance Go to the the online store

5. House Of Brilliance

They have a strong goodwill nationally and internationally too. They are popular across the importing and exporting of their fine cut diamonds at wholesale price. They have more than 10000 clients all around the globe and they are serving for 35 years. Their team consist of all kinds of designers, producers and associated, with high experience and knowledge. They will guide you with the whole process of their manufacturing and exporting their diamonds.

6. Bova Designs Go to the the online store

6. Bova Designs

They are considered to be the king of the WTC (World Trade Centre). They are exporting their fine cut diamonds for more than 30 years. Their price is relatively down as compared to others but their product is just breathtaking. You can’t crack a better deal anywhere else.

7. Lauren Belle Jewelry Go to the the online store

7. Lauren Belle Jewelry

Lauren, the owner was fond of jewelry since her childhood. She had seen her parents doing that job and so she developed her interest too. Lauren is the 2nd generation of her family in this business. She had been watching the trading of jewelry with their parents since childhood and as she came to adulthood, she had a lot of experience and knowledge about all kind of jewels. She considers all her customers as equal, no matter how large scale production or small-scale trading is done. This store deals with the best quality of jewelry, hand tested by the experts.

8. Szor Collections Go to the the online store

8. Szor Collections

This store comprises of 30 artists from all over the globe, highly trained and professionals. They have one of the finest jewelry galleries in the town and also have won several awards for that. The owners started with a very small place but they soon made a drastic growth in their business. Their gallery is a must visit for all kind of collectors.

9. Mariloff Diamonds & Fine Jewelry Go to the the online store

9. Mariloff Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

They deal with the world’s finest diamonds, handpicked and crafted by the professionals. The owner has an experience of 70 years in collecting and moderating the finest diamonds in the world. It is also said that in the US if you ever thought of buying a fine cut handpicked diamond, then this place belongs to you. Since 70 years, this business has expanded a lot. Lot of new designers and craftsman are appointed here for choosing the best kind of diamond. They have a really strong goodwill, both nationally and internationally. They are the masters in handpicked diamonds

10. F is for frank Go to the the online store

10. F is for frank

They have the finest collections of wearable and that too antique that you could not find anywhere else in the US. They are mainly famous for their artwork as they had the best art designers from all over the world. They won’t compromise with the customer’s interest in the art, so they made it really simple for their customers to look up for the perfect art piece they want. Surrounded by professionals and experts you won’t find any difficulty in getting the right kind of jewel you want. Their workers keep on experimenting with the jewels. It is said that each and every day more than 100 designs are created inside by the finest craftsman.

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