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List of Stores To Find Superb Jewelry in Chicago

List of Stores To Find Superb Jewelry in Chicago

Ever thought of gifting a unique gift to your loved ones? Well if it’s unique it’s obviously jewelry. It is considered to be the best gift for your loved ones on any occasion. But being the best, it’s the costliest thing you can buy with your own money, and if it’s vintage or antique the price goes up high. It is too difficult to find the best shop to purchase jewelry as it’s the piece of wealth that can easily be manipulated for a fake one. To help you with this struggle, here are the top 10 shops that guarantee you authenticity with love.

1. Windy City Diamonds Go to the the online store

1. Windy City Diamonds

This shop is being managed by 4 generations of the Zimmerman family. They started in 1929 and have managed to get the best place in the jewelry market. This shop comprises of sons, friends, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren too. They are a group of highly trained professionals in the diamond market. They deal with their customers individually to serve them better. They have a wide range of jewels that could match your style easily.

2. Bryn Mawr Jewelry Co Go to the the online store

2. Bryn Mawr Jewelry Co

They are fulfilling dreams of collectors since 1918. They serve the best kind of tradition jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. It is a part of the Edgewater community for over a century. They deal with the best kind of antique jewelry that could suit any occasion easily. You could also get your jewelry repaired or get a custom-made jewel for your loved ones, perfect for gifting.

3. Ethan Lord Jewelers Go to the the online store

3. Ethan Lord Jewelers

It is really difficult for a teenager to get jewelry as a gift and this store completely understands this. They consider the emotions of their customers and the value of the product they are selling. The highly trained professionals spend time with their customers in understanding what particularly they want and for what occasion. They manufacture jewelry on site to give you a better result. They have one of the finest art workers and craftsman that can easily mold your ideas into the jewelry. Even a small detail is given attention for the perfection of the jewel you want.

4. Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry Go to the the online store

4. Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry

Christopher, the owner of the store was fond of jewelry since a very your age. He took out extra time from his studies for creation and designing of the jewelry. Christopher had worked with several craftsman and designers of the jewelry market and had gained an experience of more than 30 years. He started off with his store in 1993 and had gained a really well goodwill in the jewelry market.

5. The Classic Gem Fine Jewelry Go to the the online store

5. The Classic Gem Fine Jewelry

This store has an experience of 3 generations. They provide edge cut diamonds with the finest quality available with them. They never compromise the quality of their jewelry with the cost. If you are searching for the finest jewelry, this place is a must visit for you. This shop offers various kinds of gems like loose diamonds, ethical, elegant etc. They consider their customers to be a part of their group and they only showcase the jewelry highly attracted by the customers with no compromise in the quality. Each and every grain of the jewel is handpicked and crafted by finest designers of the world.

6. Love & Promise Jewelers Go to the the online store

6. Love & Promise Jewelers

This was founded in 1988 with just $2000 and the hope of success. This also started as a family business and now 2 generations have already served for this store. It’s the perfect place to buy jewelry for any kind of occasion. They serve with lots of love and the best quality. Their major goal is to completely satisfy its customers as they won’t be feeling guilty after buying it.

7. Regal Jewels Inc Go to the the online store

7. Regal Jewels Inc

It is a family owned corporation which was established in 1987. They are considered to be the most authentic jewelry store in Chicago. With their fine quality of jewelry, they are famous for their unique handcrafted stones, which is a perfect gift for your loved ones. They are much loyal and honest to their customers than any of the stores in Chicago. They won’t ever disappoint their clients, after all, it took more than 25 years to build that kind of strong goodwill.

8. Diamonds on Wabash Go to the the online store

8. Diamonds on Wabash

They have a wide variety of jewelry for every occasion. They care for their customer’s satisfaction and provide them with the most authentic jewelry with trained professionals available for the guidance of your jewel. They are basically famous for wedding rings, so if you are getting married this store is the best place to shop for your partner, they got a wide range of variety to choose and also if you are not satisfied with their collection, you can also get your custom made jewelry here.

9. Torres Omar Jewelers Go to the the online store

9. Torres Omar Jewelers

It is a family operated store founded over 30 years ago. They serve the best kind of antique jewelry in the town. They are very much dedicated to their work and serving happy customers for years. The best part is that they are actively involved in social issues and voluntary works, which makes this store the best in the town. The family owners are also being recognized by the State Representatives for their will and contributions in the community.

10. Leber Jeweler Inc. Go to the the online store

10. Leber Jeweler Inc.

They are probably the best designers in handcraft rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of the finest quality of jewelry. This shop is operated by a family which is serving since 1921. They treat their customers very well and only offers high-quality products with a trust of authenticity.

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