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6 Local Jewelry Stores To Check Out In Irvine

6 Local Jewelry Stores To Check Out In Irvine

the City of Irvine with a population of more than 250,000 is one of the top 80 most populous cities in America and projected to grow to over 318,000 residents by 2035.  The city has a highly professional, affluent and diverse character and is perhaps the best know city in today's Orange County, CA.  With so much current and future potential the question is who is going to serve the jewelry and fashion needs of this dynamic community to the level they need and expect. Among the many to caliber shopping malls around, including South Coast Plaza to the North of Irvine there are also over 60 independent jewelry stores serving the needs ot residents in Irvine.  Finding and purchasing the best jewelry is not as easy as people think of it to be. Moving from store to store, and thousands of comparisons lead to the purchase of that favorite jewelry of yours. If you are in Irvine and planning to buy jewelry, our list of Best local jewelry stores in Irvine might reduce your effort drastically, and take you one step closer to your dream jewelry.

1. Atum Jewelry Go to the the online store

1. Atum Jewelry

Atum Jewelry Studio was established in 2010 as an E-commerce business that was based in the Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles. Their owner, Julie Trieu, came from a family with 7 generations of jewelers in VietNam. She grew up watching her grandfather handcrafting pieces of unique jewels and naturally fell in love with the art of designing gold jewelry. She spent her entire life working on creating jewelry for customers who want to express themselves through the shines and brilliance of precious metals, diamonds, and precious gemstones.

2. J N Jewelery Go to the the online store

2. J N Jewelery

JN Jewellery Ltd is a manufacturer and importer of quality Gold, Silver and Diamond Set Jewellery. The company has been trading in Hatton Garden for over 20 years and has an enviable reputation for quality service and friendliness. The range consists of more than 5000 products, most of which are kept in stock for fast delivery.

3. RCJ Jewelry Go to the the online store

3. RCJ Jewelry

Richard Cannon Jewelry is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of fine jewelry. Their gold, silver and diamond lines consist of a full range of products - including chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces & pendants - in Platinum, 18K, 14K & 10K gold and sterling silver. Formed in the New York diamond district, they have been servicing satisfied customers since 1999. With over a decade of experience, they count many leading retail stores, catalog companies, and internet retailers on their list of satisfied clients.

4. Saatchi Jewelry Go to the the online store

4. Saatchi Jewelry

It was about 120 years ago when the then-Shah of Iran asked a well-known Swiss clock repairman to travel to his home country to repair the numerous luxury clocks that decorated his large and impressive palace. At that time in Iran, clocks were expensive luxury items not to be found in ordinary homes.And, for the Swiss clock man this was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity going where he would be considered a commodity and treated well, and where he could associate with the royalty. Soon after his arrival, the clock man began to like living in Tehran – the capital city of Iran. After 20 years living in Iran, when the country’s census bureau started to work for the first time, the clock man took up the name “Saatchi” as his family name which means “clock man” in Farsi. Many years later, the younger brother moved to Baghdad and also started working in this business under the Saatchi name. And, the sons in the family, moved to London about 50 years later, launching the very famous Saatchi & Saatchi Company there.

5. Shemoni Jewelry Go to the the online store

5. Shemoni Jewelry

When Carol and Alex moved to California in 1993 they had no idea what was in store for them. They went straight to the drawing board and dreamed up Shémoni Jewelry, a curated jewelry line, with unique pieces at an affordable price. For years they awoke at the crack of dawn to get a booth at swap meets, opened carts at the local mall, and today have a retail storefront in Las Vegas. Shémoni Jewelry is a Mom ‘n Pop shop based out of California. Carol and Alex, owners and parents, run the daily operations of the business along with help from their three daughters.

6. Liberty Diamonds Go to the the online store

6. Liberty Diamonds

Liberty Diamonds was established by David Lob in 1982. Growing up in South Africa, he was always intrigued by the shiny rocks that made his Country famous. So at an early age of 19 he literally jumped at the opportunity to take on an apprenticeship to learn Diamond Cutting and Gemology. Today in the Irvine location, David is still cutting diamonds and helping customers choose beautifully cut diamonds. David’s youngest son, Troy Lob, shares his father’s passion for diamonds and fine jewelry and has been working with his father since 2000. Troy loves merging technology with jewelry has helped make Liberty Diamonds who they are today with two locations in Irvine and Los Angeles.

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