What It Feels Like to Wear Over 1 Million Dollars Worth of Jewelry

8 days ago

I have a serious thing for jewelry. I’ve worked in the industry before, ferrying rings and necklaces around the New York diamond district for hours at a time, and routinely stalk my Instagram explore page searching for new designers. Needless to say, I’ve come to appreciate a beautifully crafted sparkler. That’s why when I heard that Christie’s auction house was preparing for a sale of a portion of Peggy and David Rockefeller’s collection (yes, THOSE Rockefellers), I knew I had to see the pieces for myself. Cut to a muggy Friday morning, standing in the basement of Christie’s midtown flagship, while a velvet tray of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies is slid across a table in my direction. My heart sputters as I take in every facet and carat of the selection in front of me. Gingerly, I scoop up a rectangular step-cut diamond engagement ring that David Rockefeller purchased from designer Read more

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