New RFID Jewelry Can Open Locks For Wearers With Its Sparkling Gemstones

8 days ago

Keyless entry to offices, homes and self-service package lockers is easier (and flashier) with a gemstone-decorated, high-tech ring and necklace, offering wearers fashion and function all in one The Computex 2018 trade show in Asia recently showed off new (and fashionable) smart jewelry that gives your Fitbit a run for its money. The colorful gem-decorated jewelry pieces are called Smart Xring and Smart Necklace, both of which are equipped with an RFID chip that can open smart locks. This latest high-tech design could mean that homeowners, office employees or customers picking up a delivery at a 24/7 self-service locker would never have to stress about being locked out again. Gone are the days of sticking a spare key under a plant, or even bringing along your phone for access. Now, consumers can wear their access around their neck, hidden in plain sight. Both pieces are LED-embedded and provide phone notifications in their gems, while Read more

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