My Heavenly Atelier: Artisanal jewellery with a modern touch

8 days ago

A career in music seemed to be a natural progression for London College of Music graduate Maggie CS, who started playing the piano at the age of six. But she soon found herself bored with her job and craving change. It was then that she tried her hand at beading and wire art and not long after, began designing and making accessories as a business. Describing some of the early obstacles she faced when she started the business seven years ago, she says, “I realised then that suddenly everyone was a critic. ‘You are a music teacher, what do you know about business?’ they would say.” Today, Maggie is the creative mind behind  —and proud owner of — artisanal jewellery label My Heavenly Atelier. “The learning curve was really steep and I changed my brand name a few times but this is the final name and there will be no more changes,” Read more

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